Welcome to the campaign page for Critical Ship!  The premise here is to create a mobile guild hall aboard a magical (but seafaring) galleon (ish), and the "campaign" will run a bit like a private Adventure League.  While adventurers may come and go, the ship and guild will persist, meaning there could be an assortment of adventures (from invented one-shots to published multi-session dungeons), opportunities for multiple played characters (you could be your own worst enemy!) and chances to act as both DM and/or player.  Since there won't be a single overarching plot, this campaign's "storyline" will be a bit more collaborative than most, and everyone will be expected/encouraged to add to the story (in a collaborative more than competitive manner).

The continued existence of the ship and the space between adventures means we can also do some "base-building" and other downtime activities (as desired).  That said, attention will be paid to resources and items, and players will be expected to maintain a list of personal effects.  Shared guild items, treasure and some other resources can be made available for use by all guild members (e.g. they can be kept aboard the ship).  Upgrading or otherwise changing the ship, her crew and/or abilities will be a collaborative process.

The Beginning / New Characters

As the "campaign" is just beginning, we'll be starting as level 3 characters.  If you've got the materials, feel free to roll up a character (roll 4d6 for each stat, drop the lowest die, assign stats), and choose or roll randomly for one magic item.  Note that, because anyone might eventually act as the DM, there won't be many "character secrets".  This means we'll have to be a bit careful about meta-gaming, and also that you shouldn't use the "secret" part of your character page (or, at least, note that it won't be very secret).

In the spirit of creating some plot hooks, please include a backstory as well as the following information (or approximate equivalent) in your character bio.  This information won't necessarily be known by other characters, but will be useful to us all as DMs and players.  Keep in mind that you may be able to use your DM sessions to further explore your own character's backstory, secrets, hometown, etc.

If you're new to the group/Obsidian Portal (and even if you're not), don't be overwhelmed by what's here already, and don't feel restricted if there's something that doesn't fit your playstyle/intent.  The game/setup is still very much a work-in-progress, so if you have ideas or questions, or want something changed, please send a message!

If you don't have the Player's Handbook, never fear!  Give your character concept some thought, and we can always roll things and add specifics later :) 

Character considerations:

  • Flaw / vice: what might distract you from an important task?
  • Secret / blackmail material: what can we threaten to expose to influence your actions?  What are you ashamed of?
  • Family / friends / lovers: who can we kidnap/threaten to influence your actions?
  • Enemies / nemeses: who might get in your way?  Is there a person you just can't stand?
  • Goal / desire: what's your dream?
  • Weakness / fear: what are you afraid of?  What task might make you give up?  What can't you stomach?
  • Strength: what are you great at?  What moments make you shine?
  • Guild Details: are you already a guild member (at first session), or not?  How long have you been a part of the guild?  How did you get here?  Or, if you haven't joined yet, do you want to?  Why?  What benefits can the guild provide you?  What's your understanding of the guild?
  • Dramatis Personae: who are the important people in your character's life (if not listed above)?  These may be used by the acting DM as bait, leverage, etc, so consider including details useful to the DM.  It would be especially useful to (eventually) add your folks to the wiki's NPC List

Create a new character via the Characters page, and/or check the Wiki to learn more about the ship!

Critical Ship

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