Critical Ship

Session 07: Scooby&D Haunted Mansion

We traveled to a small hamlet south of Silverymoon where a plague had wreaked havoc on the populace.  A wizard was said to have created a cure, but the house in which he'd died had become "unfriendly"…

Session 06: Shieldmeet in Silverymoon

We were sent to guard the supposedly original Shieldmeet Shield in Silverymoon prior to the auction of said shield.  It was expected that a ccccertain sssssomeone might show up to make a theft attempt.

Session 05: Coven's Cave

On a mysterious non-guild mission, we were sent to collect the Heroes' Wreath from a scary cavern known as Coven's Cave, and rumoured to be filled with hags.

Session 04: Selune's Fallen Tear
No One Plans for Stupidity

We ventured to Riatavin, where one of Selune's Tears was rumoured to have fallen.  Upon seeking out the tear, we met up with Zil – only to find out that the "tear" was her mother!

Session 03: Born to be Feywild
Lost Horizons Market

We were celebrating our success in Amphail when we were sucked into a horrible Feywild marketplace and adjacent temple.  Dish spent most of this adventure flying around and screaming…

Session 02: Snakes in a Tower
Introducing... Beefy Snake Arms

We were summoned to the rich horse-racing spa city of Amphail, where we were made to retrieve a gold dragon egg after it had been stolen! 

Session 01: A Book for a Birthday
There's no reason you can't be beautiful AND a hobo

Retrieve a magic book from the sanctum of a sunken Temple of Excess (proprietors previously loyal to Slaanesh). Any additional loot will become property of the adventuring party, to be split as they see fit.  The book should be considered dangerous, and must be delivered unopened.  The book is to be delivered to a dancer named Pepper at a local establishment called Eau Rose.

800GP split between the surviving members of the party


Antashir, Amn

Ode Hanathi (Antashir Postal Service)

ADVENTURERS: Eridan Naiar (rank 9; new recruit; required Arcane Visitor Permit); Frey of the Moon (rank 8); Joseph Smith (rank 8); Zil (rank 8)

After meeting with Ode Hanathi to receive their mission details and necessary resources, the party entered the sunken Temple of Slaanesh via a dry well located near the temple.  The well was afterwards covered to prevent anyone entering by accident.

The party encountered and managed to semi-peacefully bypass an intelligent mimic who had taken up residence in the temple's (false) treasury.  With equal ease, they bypassed an ochre jelly in the temple's kitchen.

In a lower chamber, the party encountered a succubus, who made it immediately apparent she would not be reasoned with.  Though the newest guild member, Eridan Naiar, fell briefly under the monster's spell, the party was able to subdue the creature even without the help of Frey.

Despite the labyrinthine nature of the temple, the party navigated several obstacles and traps to reach the uppermost and penultimate chamber, where they encountered and dispatched a pair of ghouls.

In the temple's sanctum, the party recovered the Book of Licentious Lechery.  Frey also took this opportunity to destroy an idol of Slaanesh.

A once-destroyed portal was used to exit the temple, and the book was successfully delivered to its intended recipient.


  • Eridan Naiar:

    • 1 Eversmoking Bottle
    • 1 Figurine of Wondrous Power (Silver Raven)
    • 200 GP
    • Manuscript of Drizzt Do'Urden fanfiction
  • Frey of the Moon:

    • 1 Small mirror set in a painted wooden frame (valued at 25GP)
    • 1 Medallion of Thoughts
    • 200 GP
  • Joseph Smith

    • 1 Bloodstone (valued at 50GP)
    • 200 GP
  • Zil

    • 1 Philter of Love
    • 200 GP

Contract logged by Scarpa Lela, Adventure Admin

Welcome! [META]

Hey gang!  If you haven't done so already, check out the Front Page for an introduction, then feel free to make a Character and/or visit the Wiki to learn more about the ship/guild/stuff.  This Adventure Log entry is all meta, as I just wanted to start a list of setup-related items to discuss before/during our first game sesh.  If you have ideas for any of the below (or for something else entirely), message me or write them down and bring them to the first game (date TBD):

  • Magic item crafting and cost: 5e treats a lot of magic items like "legendary items" and there aren't a lot of rules for crafting yet, so we're looking at using  this guy's homebrew, which gives a "cost" for each magical item, and skilled workers/special qualities required to make them.  The "cost" can be cut in half if you make the item yourself.  There are also some rules for spending your Inspiration Points on crafting (this decreases the cost/time).
  • The Thrice Sunk, existing facilities/amenities, and future upgrades: we'll start with some basic workspaces and related personnel (e.g. smithy and accompanying craftsperson).  Using the level suggestions from the above item list, we'll give all our craftspeople a "level", and we'll pay to upgrade their workspace/knowledge in order for them to "level up" far enough to be able to create better items.
  • Hirelings: we'd like to try out an optional tactical team/caravan team who can help us to carry equipment or especially large loot.  These would be mercenary-type teams, possibly based on location (e.g. there's a five-person crew in Waterdeep) whom we can hire on occasion to help us (though they may not always succeed in their work).  These would be lower-level characters whom we could develop further as the campaign goes on (personality-wise and stat-wise).
  • DM resources: NPCs/dramatis personae related to our characters will go in the fancy NPC List on the wiki.  Details here should be "for DM use".  The acting DM can use any of these characters, but care should be taken to have some discussion with the involved player(s) before doing anything drastic with the NPC (e.g. killing them, dramatically altering their life/personality, etc)
  • Carried items/weight management: yes, we care about weight, food, spell ingredients, etc.  Since we have most of this stuff available as a guild resource and we can pick-and-choose (Matrix-style!) before any specific adventure, it's worth considering whether we brought rope or not, and who's carrying it.
  • Character death: should your character die unintentionally, you'll have an option to roll on a permanent injurty table rather than suffer death – probably something like this example from Mordheim.  This could apply equally to our hirelings.
  • Rail system: we're adding a (interdimensional) rail network to Faerûn!  FaeRailTM was implemented by the Githyanki, and the Gith still operate the main system.  Not to be outdone, other nations have begun to construct their own systems (which may or may not link up with the FaeRail network).  While FaeRail was largely installed to transport Mystrite (read below), trains now operate to transport passengers and other cargo, too.  Some trains are purely physical, while others may cross dimensions or planes of existence.
  • Mystrite: following the Spellplague, certain areas of Faerûn were "crystallized" by rampant wild magic.  This crystal is understood to be solidified wild magic, and is also said to be the "body of Mystra".  While Mystra is believed dead after the Spellplague, it is believed by some that harvesting and consumption of so-called "Mystrite" will help to restore her to power.  Mystrite shares similar qualities to the "philosopher's stone" – it empowers spells, has certain healing/restorative properties, can be used as fuel or as food for magical entities, and it is consumable.  Harvesting of the crystal is dangerous (read: while magic effects), but the material is valuable, and harvesting helps to rehabilitate the areas that would otherwise be dangerous/inhospitable due to the crystal (can't plant crops where the ground is made of rocks that will turn your family into sheep!).  Various factions are for/against the harvesting and consumption of Mystrite – depending on their religious or political leanings.
  • Reputation: all players/characters will have the option to choose one faction/entity with whom they have "good reputation" (which may give advantage on some rolls when dealing with that entity), and we'll collaborate as a group to choose a few more – both good and bad – for one another's characters.
  • Etc..? More notes to come!

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