Critical Ship

Session 01: A Book for a Birthday

There's no reason you can't be beautiful AND a hobo

Retrieve a magic book from the sanctum of a sunken Temple of Excess (proprietors previously loyal to Slaanesh). Any additional loot will become property of the adventuring party, to be split as they see fit.  The book should be considered dangerous, and must be delivered unopened.  The book is to be delivered to a dancer named Pepper at a local establishment called Eau Rose.

800GP split between the surviving members of the party


Antashir, Amn

Ode Hanathi (Antashir Postal Service)

ADVENTURERS: Eridan Naiar (rank 9; new recruit; required Arcane Visitor Permit); Frey of the Moon (rank 8); Joseph Smith (rank 8); Zil (rank 8)

After meeting with Ode Hanathi to receive their mission details and necessary resources, the party entered the sunken Temple of Slaanesh via a dry well located near the temple.  The well was afterwards covered to prevent anyone entering by accident.

The party encountered and managed to semi-peacefully bypass an intelligent mimic who had taken up residence in the temple's (false) treasury.  With equal ease, they bypassed an ochre jelly in the temple's kitchen.

In a lower chamber, the party encountered a succubus, who made it immediately apparent she would not be reasoned with.  Though the newest guild member, Eridan Naiar, fell briefly under the monster's spell, the party was able to subdue the creature even without the help of Frey.

Despite the labyrinthine nature of the temple, the party navigated several obstacles and traps to reach the uppermost and penultimate chamber, where they encountered and dispatched a pair of ghouls.

In the temple's sanctum, the party recovered the Book of Licentious Lechery.  Frey also took this opportunity to destroy an idol of Slaanesh.

A once-destroyed portal was used to exit the temple, and the book was successfully delivered to its intended recipient.


  • Eridan Naiar:

    • 1 Eversmoking Bottle
    • 1 Figurine of Wondrous Power (Silver Raven)
    • 200 GP
    • Manuscript of Drizzt Do'Urden fanfiction
  • Frey of the Moon:

    • 1 Small mirror set in a painted wooden frame (valued at 25GP)
    • 1 Medallion of Thoughts
    • 200 GP
  • Joseph Smith

    • 1 Bloodstone (valued at 50GP)
    • 200 GP
  • Zil

    • 1 Philter of Love
    • 200 GP

Contract logged by Scarpa Lela, Adventure Admin


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