Crew and Support Staff

Below is a list of crew and support staff, as well as their duties aboard the Thrice Sunk (or elsewhere).

Main Ship Crew (Aboard)

  • Captain: Black Arrow, a brown-skinned, heavily-scarred half-elf with sharpened teeth and golden eyes.  Captain Black Arrow doesn't talk much, and as a result her story is as much as a mystery as her real name – though she often exits or ends conversations with brief, bone-chilling hints of her past.
  • First Mate: (this person assists Captain Black Arrow)
  • Helmsman: Waldorf Waterwright, a dwarf who became pilot entirely by accident, but he's kept aboard as he seems to be the only person whose directions the Thrice Sunk will follow.
  • Navigator: (this person helps to figure out where the heck we are; some planar knowledge probably in addition to geography)
  • Engineer: (this person deals with ship repairs when necessary; extraplaner knowledge definitely a necessity)
  • Weaponsmaster: (this person deals with ship and crew armaments, like cannons and sabres)
  • Assorted Crew:

    • Justice Ironside: (I just wanted to start a list; maybe this lady is a fallen paladin trying to repay her debt or something)
    • Brigand: a one-time bandit who refuses to tell anyone his real name, probably because he has a terribly lame backstory.

Support Staff

  • Adventure Admin: Scarpa Lela, a spectral secretary (spectretary?) who performs the guild's administrative duties and document control, including upkeep if the guild's Adventure Log.
  • Physician: (this person helps us not lose limbs and such)
  • Magician: (this person deals with magical afflictions and problems)
  • Guildmaster: (this person assigns tasks/adventures to guild members)
  • Markmaster: (this person controls guild transport / communications with a team of others; duties include activating guild members' message/teleportation marks, answering calls from guild members, etc)
  • Postmaster: (this person deals with incoming and outgoing mail/messages to and from clients; note that they do not take calls from guild members' Sending rings. Incoming messages from clients are often received from satellite post locations in large cities around Faerûn)

Satellite Crew (Abroad)

  • Ode Hanathi (Antashir, Amn): Guild representative and postmaster in the Amnish city of Antashir (female; human; unattractive; chews gum)

Adventurers / Guild Members

Crew and Support Staff

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