Guild Ranking

The Thrice Sunk organizes its adventuring members into nine ranks, with the most experienced and highest-paid members at the top (Rank 1).  New adventurers start at Rank 9, and typically receive the worst contracts (little notice, few details, low pay, few resources).  More seasoned adventurers receive better (but more dangerous) contracts, and are granted more permissions and resources from the guild.  Progression comes with non-contract benefits, too, such as access to additional spaces aboard the Thrice Sunk, some contract choice/veto, etc. 

Information on higher ranks will become available as adventurers are promoted.  Each rank has associated expectations, benefits, costs and prerequisites:

Rank 1: Master Adventurer

It is rumoured that members of this rank are even eligible for retirement from the guild.

Rank 2: Lead Adventurer

Details Unknown

Rank 3: Officer of Adventure

Details Unknown

Rank 4: Veteran Adventurer

Details Unknown

Rank 5: Proven Adventurer

Details Unknown

Rank 6: Journeyman Adventurer

Details Unknown

Rank 7: Apprentice Adventurer

Apprentice Adventurers have begun to prove their worth to the guild and are therefore granted additional privileges and benefits.

  • Expectations: recruits must report for duty when summoned and may not decline a contract; members will have at least one day's notice prior to contract start; members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect well on the guild
  • Benefits: access to two specialized crafting spaces/craftspeople aboard the Thrice Sunk (member's choice); training in one additional skill; one magic item from the ship's stores; access to Apprentice-level spaces and resources aboard the Thrice Sunk
  • Cost: 300GP annual fee; one treasure or artifact of 750GP value donated to the guild
  • Prerequisites: at least five successful contracts completed; proof of one friendly relationship with useful political ally, skilled craftsperson, wizard, artist, adventurer or other noteworthy and potentially useful individual; one contract secured for the guild (to be completed by the adventurer or others)

Rank 8: Initiate Adventurer

The majority of the guild's adventurers are Initiates.  As progression to this rank requires minimal effort, the benefits are not outrageous, but they are enough to keep Initiates comfortable:

  • Expectations: members must report for duty when summoned and may not decline a contract; members will have at least one day's notice prior to contract start
  • Benefits: private cabin aboard the Thrice Sunk; access to one specialized crafting space/craftsperson aboard the Thrice Sunk (member's choice)
  • Cost: 200GP annual fee
  • Prerequisites: at least two successful contracts completed as a Recruit; must have signed the Guild Contract; must bear the Guild Communications Tattoo

Rank 9: Recruit Adventurer

There is some expectation that new guild recruits won't last long – perhaps due to some combination of inexperience, foolishness, ability and/or unexpected contract difficulty.  New members are granted few benefits, but the starting cost is low and progression happens quickly if Recruits are successful.

  • Expectations: new members must report for duty when summoned and may not decline a contract
  • Benefits: access to generic guild resources and spaces; option to leave the guild after first successfully-completed contract
  • Cost: 200GP annual fee (first year waived; it is expected that most members will progress to Initiate rank before 1 year)
  • Prerequisites: none

Guild Ranking

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