Guild Rules

History & Function

The Guild of the Thrice Sunk is about as mysterious as the ship herself, and has existed for nearly as long.  While there are "appointed" guild officials and staff, it is said that the ship is the only guildmaster, and that members are selected by the ship based on some secret destiny; on their talents and perceived usefulness; on their debt.  It is unknown whether the ship's overall intent is to serve good or evil, but most assume that she only means to survive.

Despite the rumoured selection process, most members come to join the guild in what they perceive to be a serendipitous manner: some come upon the guild in a time of need; some owe the guild a debt; some come to learn, or make money, or because they were invited.  Regardless of the mechanism, however, there is an understanding that members' talents may be requested in times of need, and that the guild – and the Thrice Sunk – do not suffer disobedience or treachery.

Guild Member Contract

All guild members must agree to the following contractual obligations:

  1. All members must pay annual guild fees
  2. All members must hold paramount the physical, magical and reputed well-being of the Thrice Sunk and the guild
  3. All members must reasonably support the guild-related activities of other members, whenever possible
  4. All members must report for duty when summoned; failure to report, and related disciplinary action, will be assessed on a case-by-case basis
  5. All members must keep secret any confidential guild information
  6. All members, aside from Recruits, must bear the Guild Tattoo, to be used for communications and travel
  7. Guild members must not abuse privileges and resources granted by the guild
  8. Guild members may not voluntarily retired from the guild; exceptions are made for Recruits who have completed only one successful contract


Guild Rules

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