Shared Items and Resources

Access to the following items and resources is available to all guild members, though some usage restrictions may apply.  "Resources" (listed first) are essentially limitless items which anyone may take and use for free; "Special Items" (listed below) may be of limited number, and/or may have a particular owner, a usage restriction/limit, etc.


The following items may be used or carried by any guild member for the purposes of adventuring.  The cost of these resources is recouped through guild fees.

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Rope

Special Items

Please use the template at the bottom of the page when adding a special item.

Painting: "The Night We Met"

  • Description: "The Night We Met" is a magical painting which portrays the current orientation of stars in the sky, centered on the painting, regardless of whether it is night or day.  It was a commission by renowned Waterdhavian artist Palermo Mash.
  • Amount: 1
  • Uses: Limitless (always "on")
  • Limits: None (can be used/viewed by anyone)
  • Value: 4,000 GP
  • Source: Waterdeep (artist Palermo Mash)
  • Owner: Dish
  • Location: Dish's cabin


Portal: The Blue Refuge

  • Description: A waterfall pouring from broken planks. The water is clear but for motes of sparkling green, bright as fresh growth. Only a full bodied-entrance activates the portal — if you put your hand through, you will feel only the wall behind it. The portal leads to an island situated deep in the elemental plane of Water, cosmically close to the Far Realms. Details on the island are known only to those in the Refuge, but it is known to be habitable and quite beautiful. 
  • Amount: One, unless the ship decides to make more
  • Uses: Unlimited, restricted (see below)
  • Limits: Ship decides when portal is available. Generally provides access for guildmembers who need to escape more esoteric foes. Has provided safe harbour for non-guildmembers in the past. Those who accept refuge swear (via geas) to not harm any others within the refuge.
  • Value: Access value dependent on individual desired from within.
  • Source: A guildmember wizard named Hapti found himself in trouble with a number of powerful outsiders and needed a place to hide, where not even the gods would find him. The Refuge was found after a teleport gone wrong, and he spent the rest of his life developing a portal to it. Hapti disappeared through the portal two hundred years ago and has not been seen or heard from since.
  • Owner: Hapti/The Ship
  • Location: Varies. Can be found by listening for gurgling water and the sound of low strings.


Please use the following template when adding a special item:

Name of the Special Item

  • Description: Description of the item!  What does it look like?  What does it do?
  • Amount: How many do we have?
  • Uses: How many times can we use it?
  • Limits: Any limits to who/how it can be used?
  • Value: What would it be worth to an informed buyer?
  • Source: Where did it come from?
  • Owner: Does this belong to someone in particular?
  • Location: Is this kept anywhere special aboard the ship?

Shared Items and Resources

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