The Legend of Gone Galley

Legend tells of a galley called My Best Yet that sank somewhere off the coast of somewhere else due to something.  But then it just kept showing up?  So they renamed it, and then it sank again, and now it's back… again?  Still?  And after it became legendarily sunk twice, it sank again, and people were getting seriously sick of it by this point, but it appears to be back…

The First Sinking

The galley My Best Yet was built in the summer of -10,560 DR, at the height of the Crown Wars. With a long, sweeping hull and triangular, daggerlike sails, she was the proudest (at the time) creation of the legendary elven shipwright, Qolir Huk-Nazcheffir, who we would now consider a drow, and probably kill on sight. He was one of the few Illyari shipwrights to maintain neutral production during the Crown Wars, selling ships to any and every nation involved.

My Best Yet was intended to be the ultimate trader, able to dodge pirates, blockades and dive through storms. Huk-Nazcheffir claimed he had woven water elementals into every plank of the ship, and air elementals into the sails. He also claimed to have had sex with the Prince of Earth to acquire both, so all claims should be marked as dubious, mastercrafter though he was.

The ship was sold to a Vashantaar admiral named Uli'al Bi'ilthelaam, who immediately tried to convert it from a blockade runner to a rapid assault frigate. This apparently angered the elementals bound in the ship, as they had assumed their service would be one of pacifism. This agreement was not divulged to admiral Bi'ilthelaam at point of sale, and resulted in the ship simply falling through the water to the bottom of the ocean one afternoon in -10,558 DR. 

Almost all known information regarding My Best Yet comes from its bill of sale, a timeless magical scroll written on somehow paper-fied unicorn horn, found upon cleaning one of the ship's heads in 1083 DR. The story of its sinking has been recorded in multiple annals, as its owner was relatively famous during the Crown Wars. Despite having a well known location, the ship was believed cursed and thus not dredged up until -4,583 DR, when the Netherese decided the ship's elemental bindings were of extreme value.

The Second Sinking

Netherese… did… something…

The Third Sinking

By this time the ship is getting pretty famous across various planes of existence; in fact, so many people have heard of it that various invested parties in different planes attempt to dredge up the ship at the same time.  The result is what we see today: a multiplanar mish-mash of ship parts (depending on how the ship manifests in different planes of existence).

Modern History

And now… the ship has most recently been dredged up by four legendary heroes who worked together to find various hidden parts of the ship in order to "unlock" its power.

The Legend of Gone Galley

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