NPC List

The following is a full list of characters who may have been introduced in-game or who exist in character backgrounds.  These characters may be used by the acting DM; however, keep in mind that it's probably worth talking to the "owner" of a character before getting too dramatic in-game.

Individual page links are not necessary, and may be added/updated in future as more details become available.  When writing individual pages, try to include details that might be useful to the acting DM (e.g. key personality traits, history with different characters, stat blocks, special abilities, etc).

Please add new characters under the most relevant player/character name (or under Misc), in alphabetical order excluding titles.

Dish / Madison

  • (Baron) Emmerich Trevis (Waterdeep / human noble): pathetically whiny lesser noble bent on destroying Dish's life/career; probably has a life outside of that but maybe not?
  • (Prince) Gamba Jelani (Amn / human warrior prince): Third in line to the Amnish Council of Five; ostensibly Dish's true love.
  • (Princess) Kali Jelani (Amn / human warrior princess): Second in line to the Amnish Council of Five.
  • Mange Heart (Waterdeep / human huntress): famed huntress.
  • Nahsir Maziar (Waterdeep / elven sculptor): Dish's father.
  • Starvation/"Star" (nomadic / demon): Star is responsible for the torture of those who starve (however, not those suffering from famine/drought/etc).  Dish's mother.
  • Twofer (Waterdeep / gnomish sculptor): Nahsir's assistance; Dish's childhood friend; follower of Ilmater.
  • Xanthe Damara (Waterdeep / human wizard): Dish's tutor.
  • (Prince) Zuberi Jelani (Amn / human warrior prince): Likely to inherit his father's position as Councilman on the Amnish Council of Five.

Eridan Naiar / Matt

  • NPC X (location / race and role): quick description

Frey of the Moon / Adam

  • Altu Orbay (Athkatla, Human Divine Sorcerer of Selune) Loremaster at the Grand Temple of Selune in Athkatla (not Selune's main temple, they just have grandiose names)

Smith / Ryan

  • NPC Z (location / race and role): quick description

Zil / August

  • Satie (Silverymoon/Waterdeep, Aasimar Sun Monk): Zil's rival and complicated prior love interest/friend. Works to reclaim cursed artifacts of the past/present and ensure they are never used for evil again.

Misc / Assorted

  • Black Arrow (aboard the Thrice Sunk / human captain): the totes badass femcaptain of the Thrice Sunk.

NPC List

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